Waste Water Drain – Laundry Pumps


The LTA drain pump provides a time saving solution for wet bars, kitchenettes and laundry trays when gravity drainage is not practical. Installing an LTA Pump is quicker and easier because it requires no venting or inlet piping. A pressure switch turns the pump on automatically as water drains from the sink and turns the pump off when all water has been completely removed. The combination of quiet operation and compact size makes the LTA a perfect choice for any application.


Reservoir Style

Hartell Reservoir type drain pumps provide time saving solutions for laundry trays, utility sinks, wet bars, and kitchenettes when gravity drainage is not practical. Hartell reservoir pumps install in less time because they require no venting. They are particularly useful when multiple drain sources are encountered, as in double laundry sinks. Hartell unitized design and rugged construction make them a natural choice for any drain application.

LTP-LTS Series Pumps LTP/ LTS Series Pumps

LTA Series Pumps The LTA pumps are completely self contained units that are easy to connect directly to laundry tray tubs.