Q: How do flow restrictions, such as elbows, affect the discharge of a condensate pump?


    - The red flow curve illustrates a system with a relatively large diameter tubing and no small/elbow fittings on the discharge side of the pump.

    - The black curve illustrates a system with the same pump but smaller diameter discharge tubing and a number of elbow fittings. The maximum lift of the pump is NOT affected, because at the max pump head nothing is flowing anyway. The flow rate on the other hand will be affected, especially in the systems with a lower lift

To summarize, if the max lift (FT) is a concern – not the flow rate (GPM) - then adding extra elbow fittings is OK 
If the flow rate (GPM) is a concern – the discharge side tubing should have a large I.D. with no sharp turns, narrow passages or elbows